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Technical means of protection

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Protection of strategic objects Protection of factories, ports and industrial enterprises.

Organization of an effective security system For your room of any size and purpose: apartment, cottage, office, shop, shopping center.

Prompt response The arrival of the rapid response team for 5-10 minutes.

Hi-tech The use of modern equipment from leading European manufacturers of security systems.

The official contract for the provision of services Individual work with your object and flexible pricing.

Real-time protection For your use, whether it is a rosary or a destination: apartments, cottage, office, shop, shopping center.

Технические средства охраны

(Укр) Вартість рішення
Central "Lun 11"
3814 грн.
Key reader
541 грн.
Opening sensor
100 грн.
Motion Sensor
282 грн.
450 грн.
(Укр) Інтерфейсний приймач для бездротових датчиків
695 грн.
(Укр) Брелок для управління охоронною системою (білий/чорний)
486 грн.
(Укр) Бездротовий датчик руху (білий/чорний)
986 грн.
(Укр) Бездротовий датчик відкриття дверей/вікна (білий/чорний)
725 грн.
(Укр) Бездротовий датчик руху і розбиття (білий/чорний)
1519 грн.
(Укр) Бездротовий датчик розбиття скла (білий/чорний)
1085 грн.
(Укр) Провідна сирена
300 грн.
Technical means of protection
(Укр) Базовий комплект обладнання
1932 грн.
(Укр) Додаткове обладнання
470 грн.
(Укр) Монтажні роботи
0 грн.
(Укр) Абонентська плата в місяць
300 грн.
2602 грн
The cost of equipment may vary depending on the course.
The cost of consumables is not taken into account and is calculated individually.

Technical means of protection include:

-alarm system;

-perimeter alarm system;

-access control system;

-video surveillance system;

-alarm button;

– information security;

-GPS vehicle monitoring system;

-central monitoring station and rapid response team

Security system — This is an automated complex consisting of various sensors, a control server, receiving and transmitting terminals, a siren, lighting and additional devices. The main task of the alarm system is to control and process information from various types of detectors: sound, light and text alerts of the security service about events at the protected object, he inclusion of a voice alert system for emergency situations, the transfer of messages to the central monitoring station (CMS) or to the owner using wire, radio and GSM communication channels. Burglar alarms provide an opportunity to conduct round-the-clock control over residential, office, industrial premises, regardless of the presence of security personnel or the owner.

Perimeter Security System
fixes an attempt to penetrate the protected object at the first line of the guard, that is, on the perimeter. Thus, the perimeter security equipment is the most effective means of protection against unauthorized entry, since it gives an alarm signal long before an attacker can penetrate particularly important zones of the protected object.

Access Control System is a set of technical means allowing to control, and if necessary, restrict the access of people or vehicles to the territory (building, separate premises …), the protected object, as well as control of movement of personnel, visitors and the time they spend on the territory of the object. ACS provides control over the situation, order, safety of personnel and visitors, safety of material values ​​and information.

To date, the most active and informative, and accordingly, an important link in the integrated security system are video surveillance systems. The simplest surveillance system consists of a video camera and a monitor. The main goal of such a system is to convey visual information from a remote source to the end user of the operator. In a modern video surveillance system, video recording systems are used: from the simplest video recorder to digital video recording systems, both autonomous finished devices, and assembled on the basis of a computer (PC) and connected to a common network. When integrating a video control system into a general security system, the presence of video cameras is an additional deterrent from various threats aimed at undermining the economy and security of an enterprise.

Video surveillance system – it is a surveillance technology used to track a specific territory and actions occurring inside it. Video surveillance systems usually have a special connection between cameras and monitors. The use of these systems is becoming increasingly popular. Currently, huge amounts of money are invested in this technology as a leading means in the fight against crime and terrorism.

Information protection is a complex of organizational, legal and technical measures to prevent threats to information security and eliminate their consequences. To achieve the result, complex, as a rule, electronic devices are used. For Z.I. Software and hardware solutions are used in computers and networks. The essence of information protection is to identify, eliminate or neutralize negative sources, causes and conditions of influence on information. These sources pose a threat to the security of information.

GPS vehicle monitoring system (hereinafter – the System), intended for the organization of operational control, monitoring and effective management of mobile objects – vehicles, cargo, and so on. The system uses the global GPS satellite navigation system to determine the location of controlled objects. The GSM network is used as the transmission channels for the coordinate information from the objects and control data. Working with the security company UKRTEKBEZPEKA, you will get a combination of price and quality, functionality and reliability of technical security systems and the shortest possible time to complete the work on equipping your object. Confidentiality of information about customers, about the services provided to them, about the results of work – we guarantee!

Central monitoring console– This is a round-the-clock information center, which in real-time monitors remote objects, fixes and analyzes all messages about events occurring at a protected object. To ensure high reliability, the alarm signal from the security object is received and transmitted via several data transmission channels (radio channel, GSM channel, telephone line). The alarms sent to the console are immediately processed by the operator on duty, who dispatches the rapid response team to the scene.

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