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Security services

The main types of security services:

protection of objects, industrial premises, warehouses.
Security company “UKRTEKBEZPEKA” carries out one of the most common types of security services: protection of facilities, warehouses, industrial premises, by organizing guard duty using technical security equipment, equipment of checkpoints, ensuring access control while ensuring the safety of tangible assets and values ​​of our customers.

cargo security and escort.
Maintenance and protection of goods is carried out throughout the territory of Ukraine. For each route, the most optimal traffic scheme is developed, indicating safe places of rest, emergency stations, gas stations, service stations, and medical aid stations. The division of security and cargo escort is formed from among the most trained employees of the enterprise, having a work experience of at least three years and having undergone special training.

protection of offices, exhibitions, offices, presentations.
The main type of services of our company is the protection of office premises, ensuring the activities of commercial structures by introducing a special visit mode and access for visitors, round-the-clock protection, including using technical security equipment, ensuring the operation of the enterprise by establishing a regime for personnel.
Our specialists have the necessary experience and skills in the provision of these services, doing this professionally.

ensuring technical safety of the facility.
Design, installation, commissioning, system maintenance of technical means of protection and fire alarm; Installation, adjustment and maintenance of video monitoring systems, access control systems, perimeter alarms, burglar alarms, progress tests, etc. Organization and carrying out of measures for the technical protection of information by hardware and software. Technical information protection (TZI) is a set of measures aimed at keeping such data as voice information, visual data, information transmitted via communication channels (telephone, fax, Internet, network) and data about the movement of an object secret. Technical advice.

personal security.
Security services to ensure personal security are carried out by providing a personal security guard, driver-security guard, in special cases, at the request of the customer, a team of security guards, etc. Types of personal security services. Selection of personal protection is carried out taking into account the psychological compatibility of the guards with the protected person.

economic security.
The organization of work on economic security is carried out by experts who have experience in this area and consists in collecting and analyzing information on counterparties from both public and confidential sources.

protection of trunk pipelines of the oil and gas complex, administrative and technological facilities.
Protection of trunk pipelines is carried out by workers with work experience, by patrolling trunk pipelines, organizing interaction with law enforcement agencies, local authorities and local governments in the area of ​​passage of trunk pipelines.

provision of legal advice.
registration and re-registration of enterprises; preparation and examination of constituent documents, preparation of documents necessary for the creation of enterprises, representative offices, branches, reorganization of enterprises; preparation of necessary documents for obtaining all types of licenses; representation of interests in state bodies, banks, companies, in all judicial nstances, bodies carry out the implementation of court decisions; conducting a preliminary examination of the claim materials and providing opinions on the prospects of a legal dispute; preparation of claims, other documents required for the dispute to be considered by the courts; providing advice on the conduct of the trial; preparation of projects of all types of contracts and their support; legal expertise of contracts, agreements, contracts.

Security company “UKRTEKBEZPEKA” is a stable company that provides a full range of security services and has significant potential.

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